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Road Ready & Custom Mic Mounts 100% Made in the U.S.A.

| "Howsie" Noise Rocks Down Under w/ AmpClamp WT's & Boogie


| 'Boom Stands' get their "Walking Papers"

Duff McKagen's(Guns n Roses & Velvet Revolver) Project "Walking Papers" on Tour and all hooked up with AmpClamp WT-Pro models- Rob Jones (FoH Engineer)"We are going for a Clean, Monochromatic Look & these 'WT-Pro' Mic Mounts' are the Icing on the Cake"


| We've gotcha Covered !

The Worlds Greatest Mic Holder for Any Application. From Studio to Club to Arena. Made entirely in The U.S.A.& Used by Top Bands and Artists World Wide. "Burn your Boom Stand"


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Adelitas Way

Recently FoH Man for EMI /Virgin/Capitol Recording Artist "ADELITAS WAY" RODNEY WALLACE (pictured above)

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|Mike Howard Rocks with AmpClamp

Mike Howard

Mike Howard (WT-Pro Series Mounts)

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| AmpClamp Internal Mic System for Hermit Cab

Hermit Cab2


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| AmpClamp supports 'Lamb of God' on Tour

The American Heavy Metal band has outfitted their backline cabinets and speaker enclosures with the AmpClamp Ultra S Mic Mounts (2 pictured) - which can be transformed from Portable to Semi-Portable units, depending on your backline requirements. Check out Guitarists Willie Adler and Mark Morton as they deliver some of the heaviest, most un-holy riffs from their amazing new album "RESOLUTION".

Check out this righteous pic of Mark's backstage iso-box:

LoG Road Case

Special Thanks to B.Griffin - F.O.H. \m/ \m/
Visit: www.lamb-of-god.com

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| AmpClamp welcomes Alex DeRosso


"PUSHKING" is Alex's latest AMAZING project ,which features Many great rock musicians and guest players like: Billy Gibbons, Nuno Bettencourt and, Steve Stevens. This Band is Awesome ,

Many Thanks Alex ! You Rock ~

www.alexderosso.com & www.pushking.eu

| Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria have AmpClamp out on the road with them, and we had the privledge of checking them out with Avenged Sevenfold . They recently outfitted their backline with a few WT-Pro models! Chk Out AA when they come to a City Near You !!

Check out their website here.

Slay 'em good bros!




The Legendary hard rock Band Europe has outfitted all of their backline cabinets and speaker enclosures with the AmpClamp WT-Pro.


Look for John Norum and the group at a sold-out stadium near you!

In the meantime, check out an awesome clip of the band performing their timeless hit "The Final Countdown" live in Stockholm, Sweden for swarms of die-hard fans.

Rock on, John!



| Katatonia added to AmpClamp Artist Roster!

AmpClamp would like to extend an extremely warm welcome to our newest members of the AC family; Anders Nyström and Per Eriksson of the Swedish Melodic Metal band Katatonia.
The band is taking their AmpClamp-equipped live rigs on their current international tour. Here's an excerpt of what Anders had to say about his innovative new piece of backline support:

"My guitarist and I came across your great AmpClamps and there's no way we can go back to the hassle of normal stands after this.

The AmpClamp is amazing! "


Katatonia's new album; 'Night Is The New Day' is available on iTunes and at your favorite music retailer. Metalicious!

| 7 Reasons Why You Need The AmpClamp.

The AmpClamp was created out of neccessity in early 2002.
After years of hassle, lack-lustre backline sound and experiencing the repeated frustration of "never getting the same sound twice", I figured it was time to look into the causes behind on-stage issues like; raised-floor feedback, boominess and coloration of amplified mic signals.
And so the AmpClamp was born.

Not only do boomstands and vocal mic stands prove to be highly cumbersome, unstable and annoying to re-align every time you need to mic your amp or cabinet, but the audible improvement in clarity of sound as well as fast, consistent, precision placement were reason enough to develop an alternate method of mic'ing guitar and bass live and in the studio. 

why the ampclamp is a "no-brainer".

Effortlessly find your speaker's optimal dynamic "sweet spot" every time.

Allows your speaker cabinet to be moved without loss of critical microphone placement.

Will attach to any speaker cabinet (even amps without a lip) from small combos to 4x12 cabinets.

Never trip over your microphone stand on stage again (clumsy bandmates included).


As well as "foot-steps"  from hollow stages.

Radical on-stage frequencies can wreak havoc on your mic'd guitar signal. Everything from the rumble and frequency range of a PA to the chest-kick of a nearby bass drum... get selective about what you and your audience hear!

Light-weight, portable and easy to carry - fits in any gig bag or case!

It's the original, tried-and-tested mic mount used on professional tours, stages and studios around the globe. Since it's creation, there have been many imitation mic mounting system(s) introduced, but none with which you get the ease of use, reliability and consistency in placement as the AmpClamp.

Rock on,

| ampclamps.com & other news...

Thanks for visiting AmpClamps.com - Take your sound back!

We're quickly outgrowing the 'dirty little secret' niche with the pro touring circuit; users worldwide are discovering the huge benefits of using the AmpClamp - the last word in consistent mic placement and backline guitar sound.

We've got some great new content and reviews to share with you soon. We're expanding our distribution channels into Europe and Canada, and you may have seen our new packaging at your favorite music store! If you haven't, make sure to request the AmpClamp, or click here to send us an e-mail letting us know your nearest dealer needs 'em!

We'll be updating the site over the coming weeks, and are working on a new piece of stage gear we're sure you're gonna' love.

Also, check out our good friends at EarCandy Guitar Enclosures - seriously great sounding cabinets!

If you're in Europe, and in need of some great new innovative products, friends of ours at Shred-Ahead have put together a nice catalogue of unique, 'must-haves' for every guitarist.

Rock on!

10.15.10 | all sorts of great news from ampclamps.com!

AmpClamp.com is now online.

Keep checking back over the coming days. We'll have some new content and some surprises soon!

- The AmpClamp Team.


"Got the AmpClamps today. These things are awesome! I wish I hadn't wasted money on the Audix Cab Grabber - it doesn't even fit a Marshall 4x12!!!"
- Big Metal Dave (United States)

"I would just like to say thank you for my AmpClamp. I have been gigging with it several times a week for 5 months now, and it's GREAT! It was very reasonably priced and is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that I own.

I often have very little room on stage, and the AmpClamp is perfect. I use it with a Mesa Express 5:25 and Sennheiser e906. Thanks!"
- Chris "TIMBAH" G. (Brisbane, Australia)

I got my AmpClamp (WT-Pro) a few weeks ago and with several shows in the history books, I must say it is the best cabinet microphone mounting system on the face of the planet. Setup is simple and it gives you perfect microphone placement everytime. Great for recording and live applications. Great product and great customer service!

If you are a guitarist or bassist mic'ing your cabinets and/or combos and are not using this product; you are missing the boat.
- Richard W. Price, Guitar (Stone Wheel Orchestra)

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