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Custom microphone mounts for guitar & Bass

It's Time to "Burn your Boom Stand"

Made in U.S.A.

2018 WT-PRO Mic Mount

Removable & Portable

“WT-Pro Series“ Mic Mounts are the smallest, most portable pro-microphone mount systems  for Guitar amplifiers in the World & designed to eliminate the need cumbersome  boomstands. The light-weight  and portable arm simply slides ON & OFF your Amp/Cab as needed in a second, while at the same time eliminating the “Raised Floor Feedback” caused by the common BoomStands on raised floor stages. 

AmpClampUSA The Worlds Greatest Microphone Mounts for Guitar & Bass. *Check out our Artist Gallery below with Hundreds of Cab & Combo Pictures and Variations all using our patented designs. 

Road Ready, Fast & Consistent.

SOLID. CONSISTENT. MIC PLACEMENT  system. With our Patented Composite WT Pro Mount Plate you'll enjoy Quick "No brainer" setups.  The  AmpClamp patented "Composite Mounting Plate" discretely mounts (360 degrees) Underneath, on the  Side or Top of any Cab or Combo. A must for every Gigging & Touring  Axe-slinger… or   Earth  shaker!   The WTPRO series is the smallest,   lightest, most effective Microphone  Mounting System on the planet. Entirely Made in the U.S.A.  Its  precise "1 Second  Setup" is the  reason  they're the choice of Road   Crews, Tour and Backline Support  and  Productions worldwide.  *Additional Mounts Plates Available, Great for multi-amp use. Use your favorite Mic on your arsenal of speaker cabs or amps.  

2018 S SERIES Mic Mount

Different environments

and situations call for different tools.

We Designed the "S-Series" originally for home and studio  use where hard mounting isn't so much a neccessity. The "S-Series"  quickly caught-on with the studio musicians circuit; players needing a  portable way to remove and re-set their mics around a revolving number  of amps or cabinets.

                     The "S-Series" model Is a self-contained  bottom mount version of the   AmpClamp. It simply grasps on to the  bottom lip of your cab or combo amp and   using gravity and leverage,  firmly keeps the mic in place. As with the   WT-Pro Series, it's  installed in seconds and is a great addition to any professional  environment   or home studio. Each "S-Series" comes with the  Patented Mounting Plate (included with  the WT-Pro model), allowing  you  to easily transform it to a WT-Pro style  if   so desired.


Accessories... exactly what you need. Your favorite microphone and cabinet just got a little closer.
Our line of expansion accessories for the AmpClamp make  it a breeze to use your favourite mic with your favourite cabinet.  It's time to get the sound you deserve.  

Low Profile Mount Plate

 This is the very same mounting plate that ships with our WT-Pro and  "S-Series" model AmpClamps. Barely noticeable once installed. If you use a multi-amp or cabinet setup, having  an extra low-profile mounting plate on your amps and cabs allows for  easy transition of your microphone and AmpClamp arm from cab to cab.  It's also a great option for multi-microphone setups when you need to  use a separate mic and "sweet spot" placement for different  environments. Extremely simple to install. Ships with 4 cab screws. (black)    

Accessories picture

AB609 Adapter

 The AB609 Adapter is available for those who use a  flat-faced style   microphone (eg; Sennheiser e609, 906, MD421, AKG models, etc.)  Some of these types of  microphones are commonly found dangling in front of a speaker grill by their mic cable and connector.  Bad scene. 

The AB609 changes a conventional AmpClamp Mic  Mount System (which  is suited for the straight shot SM57-type mic  models) and gives it the   flexibilty required to hold other mic types  securely in place. It's made   exclusively for the AmpClamp line of  products and works with both the WT-Pro and "S-Series" mounting  systems 

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